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Stack Attack - Lew Brooks

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Stack Attack is a collection of absolutely stunning card miracles from Lew Brooks that are extremely easy to do. The reason is this, all of the work is done before the performance by simply stacking the deck in a prearranged order!

This video contains eight card routines based on gambling themes and theres nothing hotter right now than gambling demonstrations. Lew will take you step-by-step through each routine. Absolutely nothing is left out, included with each effect is Lews complete patter and presentation.

Lew also completely covers an extremely easy false shuffle sequence that anybody can learn in a matter of minutes. If you can overhand shuffle a deck of cards you can do every routine on this amazing video

Even though the techniques are drop dead easy to do they are totally deceptive. Combined with Lew’s patter and presentation, you will instantly have all of the professional level gambling style routines you'll ever need!

Running Time 1hr 54min

  • False False Shuffle
  • Order out of Chaos
  • Four Second Stack
  • BugHouse Poker
  • BugHouse Blackjack
  • LRB Stacking Demo
  • Poker Poetry
  • High Card Poker
  • Red/Black Location
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Stack Attack - Lew Brooks

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