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The Topit Workshop - Bob Fitch

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We are proud to announce the release of a monumental product, The Bob Fitch "Topit Workshop." We believe this amazing training course delivered by Streaming Video will cause a paradigm shift in the way performers think of using the Topit.

This course was originally released as a 3 DVD set. This course contains all of the content of the original product with the video content improved to 1080p! It is only sold as a course because you need all of this information!

The Topit is one of the most powerful weapons in a magician's or mentalist's arsenal of methods. It is practical, invisible and angle proof. It's makes miracles possible that no other method can deliver.

Bob Fitch has taken this tool to the highest level possible over his 40 year love affair with this amazing technique. These legendary lessons go beyond any information covering every aspect of it's use from installation, body motions

A Topit does require installation in a coat, vest or shirt. A TOPIT IS NOT INCLUDED. The training covers all the different type of Topits including what type is best for you. Bob's comprehensive knowledge covers every detail you’ll need to become a professional level master of the Topit!

Bob Fitch is the MASTER of the Topit.

This Masterclass contains 4.5 hours of training.

Contents of Volume 1:

Topit Variations: Patrick Page; Michael Ammar; Ramon Galindo; Open Vest; Shirt and Tie; Carl Cloutier

Techniques: How to Open; The Basic Move; Coin Vanish; Plumb Line Vanish

Table Techniques: Rub-A-Way Vanish; 4 Coin Vanish; Salt Shaker Vanish; As You Stand; Breast Pocket Slide

Productions: Wand And Purse; Fire Bowl Production; Glass Production

Changes: Color Changing Ball; Color Changing Cane

Contents of Volume 2:

Switches: Invisible Deck Switch; Visible Deck Switch; Wallet Cover Switch

Tosses: Basketball Toss; The Flip; Justified Toss; Raised Elbow Toss; Yo-Yo Toss; Dice Vanish; Strike Vanish; Downward Throw

Unique Uses: Diminishing Cards; Vanishing Glass; Match Box Penetration; Handkerchief and Pencil; Lazy Plumb Line; Juggle Vanish; Zone Zero; Pickpocket

Tricks: Invisible Deck; Coin Through Cards; Card in Lemon; Card in Purse

Contents of Volume 3:

Coin Tricks: Houdini; Flurious; Downs Vanish; Copper/Silver

More Coin Tricks: Wipe Away; Virtual Magic; Virtual Wallet; Matrix in Hands

Card Tricks: 4 Cards to Pocket; The Bet

Balls: Passe Passe Balls; Golf Ball Routine; Cup and Ball; Ball and Silk

Classics: Burnt Bill in Kiwi; Newspaper Tear

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The Topit Workshop - Bob Fitch

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