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Core Telepathy Workshop - Jon Stetson

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The Core Telepathy Workshop is extremely deep dive into the routine that has been the cornerstone of world class mentalist Jon Stetson’s act for 30 years. It truly looks like real mindreading!

The course is designed to teach you every detail in a series of high quality videos produced in 4K. Core Telepathy is a Bob Kohler Pro Line product so you know the quality and production values are complete and very professional.

  • The Ultimate Version of Q & A
  • Polished By Over 30 Years of Performances
  • A Deep Dive Into Pro Level Solutions
  • Multiple Live Shows
  • 8 Chapters of Training
  • A Workshop Experience You Can Download
  • Running Time: Over 3 Hours

Each chapter covers a different aspect of mastering Jon’s routine.

Chapter 1    Introduction

Chapter 2 Shows: 

Show 1 Live Theater Show (The El Portal Theater, Hollywood)

Show 2 Live Corporate Show

Show 3 Live Comedy Club Show 1

Show 4  Live Comedy Club Show 2

Chapter 3    History

Chapter 4    The Method PPP

Chapter 5    Pre-Show

Chapter 6   Presentation

Chapter 7   Venues

Chapter 8  Afterthoughts

All of the shows were captured at live performances for paying audiences!

Each performance covers a different way to present Core Telepathy.  The routine is completely polished in every way. It’s practical top-flight mentalism that can be done in any stand up format from stage to parlor.

Jon's work makes your performance of this effect so easy you'll be amazed! One of the very best features which are almost endless is you can repeat this routine over and over even for the same audience or clients. This is because it's always unique to that audience. The variations possible are only limited by your imagination once you master the course.

Technical skill has been replaced by clever gimmicks you'll learn how to make. This knowledge is super easy and lasts a lifetime.

Jon will perform the routine so you can see it in live situations THREE times! He will teach you exactly what to do and what to say, He'll tell you how to do it and when to say it. Core Telepathy is easy to do, in fact anyone can do it after taking this amazing course!

Once you complete the course you’ll quickly master the routine. You’ll be amazed how this training carries over into your entire Mentalism show. It’s incredibly practical in method and performance. Soon you’ll be world class too!

The Core Telepathy Workshop is only available for download from the Bob Kohler Instant Video Library hosted by Gumroad.

This product is a high quality video download course. The necessary props are NOT included but are easy to acquire.


"This is a professional routine by a professional. Jon has held nothing back he tells you all the secret details worked out from decades of performing experience. This is a rock solid 10 to 12 minutes that can slot straight into your show as Jon has done all the hard work for you! He squeezes every ounce of entertainment and amazement out of the routine, I counted NINE solid reveals BUT there are also a few minor ones along the way where the participants can shine. This is a very well crafted routine!' 

Marc Paul

“I have known Jon for many years. Without question he’s one of the best in our field. He works on polishing his routines until they reach perfection. Core Telepathy is perfection.

Core Telepathy is a dream come true. It ticks all of the boxes. It’s designed for professionals who perform in parlor, stage, corporate, or paid theater situations.

The routine can be done as a cornerstone 12 minute routine or used in conjunction with virtually any Q & A act. It can become the perfect closer to your Q & A as a guarantee for a killer, accurate finish! Highest recommendation!

Lior Manor

“When Jon Stetson speaks, the wise listen. This Masterclass is the real work. The deep work. Truly a fantastic routine for workers.  It’s the culmination of 30+ years of performing as a professional mentalist in every conceivable venue and situation. Jon teaches you how to handle it all. The last 25 minutes, in which Jon goes deep on his heart-centered philosophy of mentalism, is worth the price, alone. Bravo, Jon! 

Kevin Burke, 2008 Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year”

"Core Telepathy remains one of the strongest displays of psychic entertainment I have ever witnessed. I am currently beyond grateful to have recently completed watching Stetson’s video workshop on core telepathy, which is still his signature and core stage routine.

In this video workshop we get to see Master Mentalist Jon Stetson perform two versions of this routine followed by a step by step break down of everything you need to know to take this to the stage. Jon covers the history, the preparation, and set up of Core Telepathy in great detail letting us in on how he developed the process over the years.

Stetson provides an in depth account on how to work the pre-show, what sort of participants are best to go for and when to best approach participants. He also details many outs and examples of how to deal with any possible mishaps that could occur in performance. He includes information you can only get from someone who has done ten thousand hours with an act.

The final section of the workshop covers variations and adaptations of the routine when working different types of venues as well as notes on how to think about what type of information to use that best fits your performance style. I can tell you from my experience that you can watch this workshop once (and take notes) and with one trip to a stationary store be prepared to perform this amazing piece to thunderous applause. 

Core Telepathy is one of those pieces I selfishly wish weren’t being published. A good performer can make a great living with just this one routine. It covers everything needed to establish a solid and amazing mentalism act. Thank you Jon Stetson for sharing this with the psychic entertainment community and for being an inspiration and bright light in the world of true mentalism.”

Stuart Palm

"I bought Core Telepathy already being quite familiar with Jon’s version of the three envelope test. I have seen him perform it several times at the Magic Castle, and it always got a tremendous reaction from the audience.

I have studied 4th Dimensional Telepathy and all of its variations for many years. So why did I invest in this project?

Firstly, when a professional such as Jon’s caliber has insights to share, I knew it would behoove me to tune in. And boy am I glad I did. Aside from this outstanding routine, Jon tips a few touches that are worth the price of admission alone!

Jon’s teaching is very detailed, and the project is filmed and put together very nicely. This gets my highest recommendation. "

Scott Bays

“I’ve been waiting for a product like this for a long time. This is a working pro releasing all the working of one of his most prized routines.

I consider myself lucky because I live in the Boston area and I have seen Jon use this live more than once. The second this was released I jumped at the opportunity to learn from him. Quite simply, the man is bullet proof on stage and any change to learn from his is valuable.

The teaching in the videos is clear, precise and simple to follow. Jon also takes time to discuss choices he’s made over time and why he has chosen his current version. Even his after thoughts are loaded with gems to prevent any problem from happening.

I’ve used various versions of the three envelope test but the impact and simplicity of Jon’s version is hard to beat! 

I cannot recommend this course enough to any mentalist. It very much worth your time!” 

Shawn Mullins

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Core Telepathy Workshop - Jon Stetson

4 ratings
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